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Nome flatPHPbook Plus version 2.0

Data di pubblicazione: 17-09-2009

Changes in Plus 2.0
- NEW FEATURE: Language files can now reside in 'lang' folder.
- NEW FEATURE: Anonymous posts ('allowAnonymous' flag, defaults to 0).
- NEW FEATURE: Added new tag "Anonymous" in language file (nickname of anonymous users).
- NEW FEATURE: Database charset conversion tool (now including db upgrade from 0.9.x).
- NEW FEATURE: .htaccess file preventing users from seeing configuration files.
- NEW FEATURE: Admin sees all IPs in message headers.
- NEW FEATURE: Sign form can be moved to the bottom of page with "signAfterView" flag.
- NEW FEATURE: A link to sign form can be displayed both on top and bottom of page.
- NEW FEATURE: 'displayEmails' option controls whether user emails are hidden (req #1625396).
- NEW FEATURE: A board can be turned real only with 'readOnly' option (req #1734851).
- NEW FEATURE: Added new tag 'ReadOnlyMode' in language file.
- NEW FEATURE: Protection from double posting using refresh button on submit screen.
- NEW FEATURE: All post numbers are links (for references).
- NEW FEATURE: Total post count is a link to the last post.
- NEW FEATURE: Links with square brackets in them use [[url=..]][/url] syntax.
- NEW FEATURE: Preview in administrator's edit form.
- NEW FEATURE: Autodetection of urls and images in posts.
- NEW FEATURE: Nickname is stored in cookies.
- IMPROVEMENT: Updated Russian and other translations.
- IMPROVEMENT: Widened congifuration screen fields.
- IMPROVEMENT: Custom fields count now is calculated from customFieldNames.
- IMPROVEMENT: Homepage, email address and custom fields are checked for banned words too (req #1313115).
- IMPROVEMENT: <meta name="generator">, updated copyright info.
- IMPROVEMENT: seconds are now not displayed.
- IMPROVEMENT: Icons are now not required.
- IMPROVEMENT: Default guestbook title is just 'Guestbook'.
- IMPROVEMENT: Major code refactoring.
- IMPROVEMENT: Removed underline button (this is madness! bold and italic are enough).
- IMPROVEMENT: In 'separateViewFromSign' mode 'Cancel' button replaces return link.
- IMPROVEMENT: Default number of entries per page was increased to 15.
- BUGFIX: Displaying and managing messages in posting order.
- BUGFIX: Editing posts in non-default charset (bug #1162143).
- BUGFIX: When deleting or editing first or last post, the whole db was erased (bugs #1486000, #1213136).
- BUGFIX: Better admin mode handling (bug #1518255).
- BUGFIX: Custom fields now saved correctly (bug #1500007, thanks to Andy Levin).
- BUGFIX: Charset meta tag was moved upwards.
- BUGFIX: Configuration file saving (bug #1152432).
- BUGFIX: Last custom field was always displayed even if it had no value.
- BUGFIX: Moderated posts are now not included in total post count (thanks to Markus Hammori).
- BUGFIX: Custom footer was moved above copyright information.
- BUGFIX: Charset now goes into HTML header (bug #1254391).
- BUGFIX: Newlines are now stored without &nbsp; (config key 'nbspBr', defaults to 1 though).
- BUGFIX: HTML entities can now be used in posts.
- BUGFIX: No need to type antispam code when previewing.
- BUGFIX: Removed copyright line from the bottom of pages (credits are in documentation).
- BUGFIX: Administrator need not enter antispam code.
- BUGFIX: The only charset if UTF-8 now. All translations were converted to UTF-8.
- BUGFIX: [url][/url] was converted to "".
- BUGFIX: delimiters (::) are displayed correctly in edit and preview forms.
- BUGFIX: empty guestbook message is shown now.
- BUGFIX: Functions are turned off when files required for them are missing.
- BUGFIX: When nickname, email or homepage ended with ':', post was broken.
- DOCUMENTATION: Changed the wording of README file.

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